Done it again!

This week there’s a body in the Court Chamber! It’s for the Victorian murder mystery evening on Friday. You’ll have to come along after 6pm to find out whodunit.

In our more usual role, we’ve started making shirts and smocks for the schools’ costumes for last year’s raffle project. Most of the linen has come from the curtains that used to hang in the Great Chamber – we’ve cut around the various holes and worn areas to get quite a few items. I hadn’t realised that the curtains were at least 23 years old.

The Feilding-style dress is finished, along with its bodies and petticoat, and the Breugel outfit, with kirtle, gown and apron.


What shall we make next?

We’ve been regrouping after the end of the summer costume days, trying to work out what is needed to supplement the wardrobe collection.

So far quite a lot of shirts and shifts have been cut out, using up all the linen in our store so will need a shopping trip soon to replenish stock. We’ve got a man’s jerkin being finished off, and just working out a doublet and hose to go with it. Also a girl’s gown to go over a pink kirtle that shares with another dress at the moment. At some point we’ll alter the brown ‘Gertrude Arundell’ gown, which was based on a Simplicity pattern, size 16, but the waist is actually a modern 10-12, so it will need panels inserted to make it fit better.

I’ve had a very brief go at making some yarn with a drop spindle and some wool I’ve been given. So far, so lumpy… will have to keep practising! I had great plans to use the newly spun wool to make braiding for a new jacket, but that might be put on hold for sometime!