The flags flew… well, almost

The Medieval Village was at Trerice this weekend, and our recently made flags helped enhance the place a bit. Unfortunately there was not a drop of wind when I took photos so most of the flags aren’t shown to their full potential, but I thought they looked great anyway. A big thank you to everyone for all their hard work to make them.







It’s all about the flags

This week we’ve taken a break from our normal costume making and branched out into flag and banner making. No, we haven’t gone completely bonkers (!!), it was a request for help from Visitor Services getting ready for the arrival of the Medieval Village reenactment on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June. (I hope we’ll be able to do all the repairs and things in time for the next Costume Day on 27 May too, but could be a push).

We’ve copied the styles of oriflammes, pennants and various other flags and banners, and created our own emblems and designs to go on them – a bit of poetic license has been used. The plan is to give a bit of medieval flamboyance to Trerice for that weekend, as a whole, not just the Parade Ground where the tented village will be. Hope it works!

Photos to follow as its still a work in progress.