Who done it?


There’s a body in the Great Hall!
Been at it again… There’s a Tudor themed murder mystery evening this Friday from 6pm, so the Costume Group has provided the jester as the victim and a couple of suspects (they haven’t got proper faces because they’ll only be seen from the back, fleeing away).


Who’s the culprit? I’ve no idea, but come along on Friday evening and follow the clues to find out.

First costume day of 2013 approaches!

The first costume day of the new season fast approaches, and it is now down to the final touches of getting things ready.

We are rather (over-)excited to have NEW wardrobes – 2 more have joined the one from last year. It means we don’t have to cart heavy boxes over on each occasion and it all looks a lot prettier than plastic storage boxes! A very big thank you to our handy man volunteer!

There are some new clothes ready for the new season too, so if anyone has been before they might find something different to try on. Just need to take some decent photos now…

We also have some new volunteers who have joined the Costume Group and hopefully we haven’t scared them off yet! Two of them are husband and wife, so we might even have our very own Tudor tailor to join the seamstresses.

So come along on Monday if you’re in Pastyland and see what we’ve been up to over the winter, we’d be happy to see you. We’ve even got one volunteer who’s promised to wear the Jester’s outfit because it April Fool’s Day!

Happy New Year!

We may have been quiet on the blog over Christmas and New Year but everyone’s been busy. So far we’ve got 2 new doublets finished, one for a boy in green with tabs on the shoulders that looked like a stegosaurus initially.


Another is to go with a kirtle which has shoulder rolls that were sewn and unpicked about 5 times to get them right. Turned out well in the end though!


There’s also a blackwork embroidered ruff under way and one volunteer spent last season making handmade lace, which another volunteer is now turning into a ruff for people to try on – will need something special for it to be worn with.

Our first costume day of 2013 is on Easter Monday, 1 April – also April Fool’s Day so thought it might be quite good to have a jester’s costume for people to try on and currently putting something together based on various pictures of late medieval and sixteenth century jesters I’ve found.


Several volunteers have made a start on an embroidered night cap, using various Tudor embroidery techniques, which hopefully will be on display at Trerice during the coming season. Can’t wait to see how it’s going, as I was unable to get in because of unexpected snow (there was enough to sledge on!).