Getting ready for summer 2015

We’ve been a bit quiet on the blog over the last few weeks but we’ve been rather loud and busy in the sewing room!

We’re looking forward to our next costume day for visitors on Monday 27 July.  

We’ve been making new and adapting old clothes for volunteers and staff to wear during our ‘Tudor-tastic’ August (which actually starts in the last week of July!). We have house, garden and shop people eager to join in.


The hobby horse jousting is back again this summer, and have been revamped – ably modelled by our Tudor assistant in the photo.

Some of us have also been learning Tudor dances because we’re having dancing workshops on Wednesdays during August. It’s quite gentle and basic so far, but we haven’t tried it out in Tudor dress yet. We’re not quite ready for galliards and voltas…

We’ve also made a start on a set of outfits for younger school children, about 6 yrs old. The girls are finished, next step is to complete the boys’ schoolboy outfits. 

Coming soon…

The summer holidays are approaching, which means more Costume Days. The first is next week, on Monday 29 July.

This year Trerice is having a Tudor Fortnight in the first two weeks of August, starting 2 August, with a variety of 16th century inspired activities. It will include extra opportunities to try on costumes on Wednesdays as well as Mondays during the fortnight (hope we’ll have enough volunteers to help – everyone seems to be going on holiday!)

Among the activities in Tudor Fortnight will be hobby horse jousting, which a couple of us from the group have made, in between costumes for the schools’ project. They’re basically a skirt over a French farthingale, so our Tudor clothes making skills have come in handy! It was a good opportunity to use some of the material we have that isn’t entirely appropriate for our conventional costumes.


Maybe it should be renamed, in Cornish style, as ‘obby ‘oss jousting?