Just for fun!




Decided to have a laugh today with a hairdressing model head, the new lace ruff and a Marian-style hood – the bizarre things we get up to!
More seriously though we are considering a way of displaying the lace ruff in Trerice, possibly with a head of some kind, and it was useful to see how the hood works on a ‘proper’ head.

Who knows it just might fit!

Much discussion about French Hoods this week, we have found various opinions as to whether they are in several different parts which are pinned together on the head (maybe not ideal for us) or whether joined together in hat form. We need to protect our various styles of hats and keep them as clean as possible and we understand coifs were worn underneath these fancier styles but in portraits they aren’t always obvious.

It wasn’t all talk however and our volunteer with the loose kirtle and gown now has a very smart black linen french hood with bag and white forehead cloth to keep her luxurious hair under suitable C16th control!

I am trying a bit of Tudor knitting – thanks to Sally Pointer’s Tudor Flat Cap pattern. I just happened to have the right amount of Aran cream wool to have a go knitting and then felting the cap. If it doesn’t fit me there is always someone else …