2014 season here we come!

Preparations for the new season at Trerice are underway. We have some new extra opportunities for trying on costumes in the summer holidays. As part of the Tudor fortnight being held in August we will have Costume Days on Wednesdays (6th and 13th) in addition to the usual Mondays.

We’ve started the project for making costumes for school visits, and are initially planning a variety of clothes from throughout the 16th century. Next step is to finish drawing up patterns and go shopping for fabric.

In the meantime we’ve all been busy making new things for the summer visitors to try on an academic gown, complete with hat, is well under way, as is the little girl’s Breugel inspired outfit and a version of the Mary Feilding dress from the Tudor Tailor’s Tudor Child book.

The old cream gown that has been around for years, and was becoming very stained, has been revamped into a totally different dress. It now forms the petticoat to the new dress.

The ‘dragon’ dress is also finished, with a ruff made from off cuts of the Great Chamber curtains and a wire supportasse, and just needs a willing 6-7 year old to try it on.

Our embroideress has been very busy too, and has completed one glove, which took most of last season to do. This will be displayed with the embroidered nightcap and lace ruff in the House.


The elves have been active…

After several weeks of industry we’ve got some more garments finished; two child-sized cloaks, one with a hood, and the late Elizabethan dress is done and just needs accessorising with a ruff and headwear, and maybe some jewellery.

Our husband and wife team have produced an outfit for him – so we have a Tudor tailor! – next up is one for her.



Our resident embroidress has been busy too, one cuff of a glove is well underway. Still to go is the edging, the lace and the lining before attaching it to the hand part of the glove (and the other hand!)


The kirtle of the Breugel gown is in progress and is going to be in green wool with the outer layer in brown wool lined in creamy beige.

Our newest costume maker has finished her outfit, and has already worn it helping Tudor Father Christmas this month.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Summer is coming!

Juliana EriseyThis week we’ve been carrying on making clothes ready for the summer holiday costume days. We’ve been having a go at some items for older girls. We’ve got a green front-lacing kirtle that’s coming along, which might need something else with it to make it more interesting to wear – it must be possible to get visitors to wear more than just the posh clothes?! Having said that, slightly giving into the posh factor, we’ve also started on a red dress that will have a decorated forepart on its petticoat and fancy sleeves. We appear to have a never ending supply of old red velvet curtains, and though the donations are very much appreciated, it does sometimes seem as if we have an awful lot of red! I really fancy making a grey dress…just for a change!

We’ve also been working on the outfit inspired the Juliana Erisey brass, which is similar to the Mary Bevill costume but taller. The headwear is done, the loose kirtle is nearly done, and the gown is coming along, and now trying to work out how to make some some long puffy sleeves that can be worn by people of various arm sizes (it seems to be one of those things that would be easier to make for a specific person). One arm down, one to go.