The hat is finished! At last! After several months of umming and erring. I found the best plan was to keep it simple, so forgot about the lining and just covered the exposed edge with ribbon.




Not really sure what it is though – a snood? a caul? a balzo? Seems to be an amalgamation of all of them.

Got a bit carried away and made something similar for the new red gown with puff sleeves. This one was made with a padded ring as the base and the middle filled in. Think I prefer the blue one because this one reminds me of a pavlova.



Hat wars…

The embroidered night cap is coming along, I think. (I missed the last session) I’ve done or started a panel with primroses. I thought it was going to be a lot lot trickier than it actually was (still a bit tricky though!) Maybe I had easy stitches to master though as each panel is different.

I haven’t really done any embroidery since school, but the panel so far includes stem stitch, chain stitch, satin stitch and needle lace.

The real reason for the title of this entry is not because of the nightcap, but trying to replicate a hat worn in one of the Arundell brasses. Probably an over-exaggeration really.

It’s just being a bit fiddly and I’m making it up as I go along because there’s no instructions to follow, just various pictures from portraits that look vaguely similar. I think I’ve sussed the style, not a French hood, but a cap type thing probably originally shaped by the wearer’s hair underneath, but because there’s no way of telling how visitors will have their hair, I’ve used a roll of fabric stuffed with wool fibre to give it the required height. My attempt so far is ok, it’s just getting the lining in that’s now proving tricky – staring at it for hours doesn’t help!