17 August 1646

370 years ago today the Royalist garrison at Pendennis Castle, led by John Arundell of Trerice, finally emerged after agreeing terms of surrender. They had held the castle for 5 months against the Parliamentarians and it was the last remaining Royalist castle in England. By mid August the garrison was depleted by famine, disease and desertion. 

John Arundell, sometimes known as ‘Jack for the King’, was born in November 1576 and was heading for his 70th birthday at the time of the siege. He was the son of John the rebuilder and grandson of Sir John who feature in the brasses which are the starting point for the costumes at Trerice.  Not long after the siege ended ‘Jack for the King’s’ wife and daughter, both called Mary, died from the deprivations suffered in the castle, and as a result of the family’s involvement in the siege and their loyal support of Charles I, their estate was sequestered and were fined £10,000.

The family were later rewarded for their loyalty to the Crown with a barony after the Restoration of Charles II, but John did not live to see this, so his son Richard became the first Lord Arundell of Trerice. 

Arundell Wardrobe Unlock’d 2015

There’s only one more day left before the first costume day of the new season. On Easter Monday visitors of all ages will have an opportunity to try on clothes based on the Arundell brasses from the 1560s and 1570s, and get a taste of life as one of the household at Trerice in the reign of Elizabeth I. 

We’ve spent the last week or so putting the finishing touches to some new costumes, and tweaking some of the old ones. The new grey gown with farthingale is finished and is awaiting it’s first trying on. 

We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow in the Hayloft.