Autumn for Trerice Costume Group

Since the summer costume days ended the group has been cleaning and mending clothes. Some of the outfits have been completely remodelled, such as a red English gown which was covered in snags and frayed ends and looked rather a mess. Using material from another pair of red curtains, the old gown was used as pattern to make a new one. The lining and puffed sleeves have been reused in the new version too. 

Our version of Tudor Tailor’s Mary Feilding which has been very popular has also shown signs of wear on the lining, which has become holey, and on the buttons. These have now been replaced and the garment has been given a new lease of life.

The front of the academic gown was looking very bobbly by the end of the summer. On closer inspection the front panels were inside out compared to the back and sleeves, so it was taken apart, turned around and rehemmed before putting it back together.

We discovered that ruffs can survive the washing machine. Some got quite grubby over the summer and after much debate on the best method of cleaning, it was decided to use a gentle wash with a lot of Vanish. We used some thin hair rollers to shape the ruffs as they dried, and don’t seem to have lost much of their stiffness.

In addition to repairs we have been making preparations for Halloween and revamping some of the Tudor banqueting costumes.

Remodelled dress

    The original dress

The waist of the original dress was ridiculously high for a 1570s outfit so the material of the original dress has become a skirt, stomacher, paned sleeves and headdress, combined with a new gown from donated curtains.

Now off to watch Tudor week on Bake Off! 

Progress on Summer outfits

Before sewing begins on the schools’ project, the last few things are being finished for the summer.

20140224-210359.jpg The Breugel style out fit is taking shape, with hemming and fastenings still to do. There is likely to be a tuck in the skirt, to show how growing children were accommodated in the 16th century.

The Mary Feilding style dress is in the process of being trimmed; not happy with the flowery lace braid, looking a little too modern, some strings of pearl-esque beads are being added which alters it quite a bit. The petticoat is almost finished too.

The academic gown is finished, and looks really good with the square cap.
Repairs are being made to another farthingale as well, because the willow keeps snapping. While this is going on patterns are being drawn up for the schools’ project, so we’re keeping busy, and there should be some interesting new things for visitors to try on in the summer.