Last 2015 costume day approaches

After a busy summer the last costume day of the season is nearly here. Come along next Monday (August Bank Holiday), if you can, to find out how the Arundell family and their household dressed in the sixteenth century. 

Tomorrow (Wednesday 26 August) is also our last dancing day of the summer if you fancy a bit of a Tudor workout. 

Both run from 11am-1pm and 2pm-4pm.

Tripping the light fantastic…

…or tripping up! 

We’ve been learning new steps for Tudor dancing on Wednesdays, the Scottish Branle, which is much quicker than other dances we’ve done so far and involves kicks and jumps. I think we’ve almost got it, although keeping balance and remembering lefts and rights has been tricky – nearly toppled once or twice. 

Hardly less energetic, the costume days have been going down well this summer. Only three left to go.

If anyone fancies a Tudor-themed workout volunteering at Trerice is the place!