Bringing up the Bodies – or Heads will roll

This week we’ve been finishing off some more of the schools’ project outfits. There’s only a couple of hats to make up and a few alterations to carry out. We’ve also continued making our models for displaying our work in the Great Chamber next week. 

The papier mâché heads have now dried out thoroughly and it’s quite satisfying to  pop the balloons and hear them peel away inside. The next step was to cover them with some muslin or thin linen over some strategically placed wadding for chins and cheekbones. They look great from the front but a little Frankenstein-like at the back…

The bodies are made from broom handles and a short bit of wood for the shoulders, covered with two pillows, supported by stands, including the bases of garden umbrellas and Christmas trees. Some of the heads need a little more attention to make them stay upright – that’s a job for Monday morning. It’s surprising how some of the pillow bodies need to lose weight already! 

Body building TCG style

We’re preparing for a display of our schools project outfits, so once again our workroom gained an air of Blue Peter about it. This time we more making bodies to tie in with the existing ones – broom handles and pillows etc. First of all were some papier mâché heads for the top of each to display the hats and headdresses. We added some features to make them look less like balloons, but they could look a little freaky.


Now just waiting for them to dry while we work out what to do next.

Finished off a baby’s outfit, based on the John Dunch pattern in Tudor Child. It’s body, so far, is a couple of cushions…


Surprise of the day came in the form of cake! Wonderfully made by one of the group, based on the mid Tudor blue noble lady’s dress for the schools’ project.