Solution found!

Carrying on from the last post about attempting knitting, the best way forward appears to be to rope in more experienced knitters from among the volunteers at Trerice! This week one lady came in with 10 knitted coifs, yes ten, that she did over Christmas. Very impressed. She got it down by the end to three hours per hat and without the pattern!


A regular of the Costume Group has undertaken knitting a thrum cap to go with our sailor’s outfit. I’ve been told it’s supposed to be very weather/water proof… I think a volunteer is needed to test it!

This one looks odd, but more hat like (?) than the next photo which was possibly pulled too far on the stand and looks like some weird sea creature.


Returning to safer ground, a gown for an adult lady, for the summer costume days, is under way. It’s turned into a group effort with various bits being stitched by different people. The skirt needs attaching to the bodice, some jewellery applied and a whole load of lacing holes are still to be done. It’s loosely based on portraits of Mary I in the 1550s and a portrait of Joan Tuckfield of Exeter in 1560.