Schools’ project – next step started

Our project to make clothes for school groups to wear when they visit Trerice has taken a step forward. Four outfits have been finished and another four are under way, we still need to finish the shifts, shirts and headwear though as well.

Here’s some of the items being made at the moment, or recently finished:

Early Tudor gentlewoman’s gown, which will be accompanied by a yellow kirtle.

Tudor Tailor’s John Dunch’s hat enlarged for a 10 year old (or so), before the top layer and lining are added.

School girl outfit minus jacket.

We have a new gallery of photos added above, with the finished items for the school project, which will be updated as we go.

On top of this there’s another costume day this coming Monday!

How many layers can one person wear?

The first costume day of 2014 (Easter Monday) fast approaches and hopefully the weather will be as delightful as it is today. Visitors will be able to try on all the layers of clothes that made up a sixteenth century outfit, from underwear to outerwear.

We’ve still been cutting out more patterns today but will be getting ready for Monday on Wednesday.


Cutting out

Over the last week or so we’ve been cutting out patterns for our schools’ project. It’s easy to forget how long it actually takes to cut out each pattern, and it is taking longer than originally planned. We’ve done quite a few, it’s just the odd one or two that have caused befuddlement (so far); it’s back to the drawing board for a monk’s habit, which was far too skimpy and pathetic looking, and finally nailed an early noblewoman’s gown after cutting out 4 back skirt pieces instead of 2 front and 2 back, and a piece for the front that was too short. (I reckon we can use the extra bits for a cloak.) This wasn’t helped much by being in velvet so the pile had to be right too.