Guinea pig found!

We gained a new addition to the Costume Group today due to school closures, so we took the opportunity to try out the new outfits, testing out her best Tudor poses. She also tried on some mock-up items, ready for next week’s mass cutting out for the schools project. Good to know what needs tweaking before the rush starts in the summer.




Oops, I did it again!…


Honestly, there isn’t really a serial killer loose at Trerice! But it’s Murder Mystery Night again on Friday. This time it’s set in the 1950s with a body in the library (v. Agatha Christie!), come along after 6pm to find out who did it.

Hopefully with all the blood and mayhem over we’ll be back to more usual activities soon.

Done it again!

This week there’s a body in the Court Chamber! It’s for the Victorian murder mystery evening on Friday. You’ll have to come along after 6pm to find out whodunit.

In our more usual role, we’ve started making shirts and smocks for the schools’ costumes for last year’s raffle project. Most of the linen has come from the curtains that used to hang in the Great Chamber – we’ve cut around the various holes and worn areas to get quite a few items. I hadn’t realised that the curtains were at least 23 years old.

The Feilding-style dress is finished, along with its bodies and petticoat, and the Breugel outfit, with kirtle, gown and apron.


Who done it?


There’s a body in the Great Hall!
Been at it again… There’s a Tudor themed murder mystery evening this Friday from 6pm, so the Costume Group has provided the jester as the victim and a couple of suspects (they haven’t got proper faces because they’ll only be seen from the back, fleeing away).


Who’s the culprit? I’ve no idea, but come along on Friday evening and follow the clues to find out.