Progress on Summer outfits

Before sewing begins on the schools’ project, the last few things are being finished for the summer.

20140224-210359.jpg The Breugel style out fit is taking shape, with hemming and fastenings still to do. There is likely to be a tuck in the skirt, to show how growing children were accommodated in the 16th century.

The Mary Feilding style dress is in the process of being trimmed; not happy with the flowery lace braid, looking a little too modern, some strings of pearl-esque beads are being added which alters it quite a bit. The petticoat is almost finished too.

The academic gown is finished, and looks really good with the square cap.
Repairs are being made to another farthingale as well, because the willow keeps snapping. While this is going on patterns are being drawn up for the schools’ project, so we’re keeping busy, and there should be some interesting new things for visitors to try on in the summer.

Nightcap and ruff on display at last!

The embroidered nightcap and lace ruff are now on display in the Musicians’ Gallery at Trerice! The display boxes arrived at the end of last week and some display stands were ingenuously created from a large cardboard tube, some hardboard and black material – very Blue Peter! – but looks really professional. Big thank you to the volunteers who made them in no time at all. (We’ll forget about the minor hiccough of one being a fraction too big and having to adjust it…)



2014 season here we come!

Preparations for the new season at Trerice are underway. We have some new extra opportunities for trying on costumes in the summer holidays. As part of the Tudor fortnight being held in August we will have Costume Days on Wednesdays (6th and 13th) in addition to the usual Mondays.

We’ve started the project for making costumes for school visits, and are initially planning a variety of clothes from throughout the 16th century. Next step is to finish drawing up patterns and go shopping for fabric.

In the meantime we’ve all been busy making new things for the summer visitors to try on an academic gown, complete with hat, is well under way, as is the little girl’s Breugel inspired outfit and a version of the Mary Feilding dress from the Tudor Tailor’s Tudor Child book.

The old cream gown that has been around for years, and was becoming very stained, has been revamped into a totally different dress. It now forms the petticoat to the new dress.

The ‘dragon’ dress is also finished, with a ruff made from off cuts of the Great Chamber curtains and a wire supportasse, and just needs a willing 6-7 year old to try it on.

Our embroideress has been very busy too, and has completed one glove, which took most of last season to do. This will be displayed with the embroidered nightcap and lace ruff in the House.