The elves have been active…

After several weeks of industry we’ve got some more garments finished; two child-sized cloaks, one with a hood, and the late Elizabethan dress is done and just needs accessorising with a ruff and headwear, and maybe some jewellery.

Our husband and wife team have produced an outfit for him – so we have a Tudor tailor! – next up is one for her.



Our resident embroidress has been busy too, one cuff of a glove is well underway. Still to go is the edging, the lace and the lining before attaching it to the hand part of the glove (and the other hand!)


The kirtle of the Breugel gown is in progress and is going to be in green wool with the outer layer in brown wool lined in creamy beige.

Our newest costume maker has finished her outfit, and has already worn it helping Tudor Father Christmas this month.


Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Father Christmas comes to Trerice

Went to see Father Christmas at Trerice at the weekend – must be for about the third or fourth time – absolutely brilliant! This isn’t the ordinary, everyday FC, oh no, this is Father Christmas of Tudor times dressed in traditional green with tales of minced pies, surprise pies, bean pies and games of snap dragon, all elements of sixteenth century Christmases. Kids and adults alike were entranced.

He’s back again this weekend, 21 & 22 December.

Late Elizabethan dress pt.2

In the original pattern the bodice opening is at the front, but to more easily accommodate the variety of people who are likely to try on the dress the opening has been changed to the back. This means that the pale green stomacher is sewn in behind the white revers and red bodice. A little bit of white and silver braid was added for decoration, trying not to be too gaudy.

The next step is to fit the pale green sleeves, along with the hanging sleeves, which are cartridge pleated to fit the armhole.

Here the sleeves have been pinned on to see what it will look like.

After that, it’s been decided to add a placket in the back as well, and then for the lacing eyelets.

There’s now 2 child size cloaks underway, and more in the pipeline including an adult’s academic-style gown, a Breugel-style girl’s dress from The Tudor Child and something similar to the Mary Feilding dress.