First costume day of the summer holidays

Monday was the first day of our summer costume days. The weather was perfect, not too hot but the sun was out. After a slightly frantic start on my part, trying to finish posters and reading material etc before we opened, it was a very enjoyable day. It turned out to our busiest day dressing visitors so far this year, although it didn’t really feel like it. All of the newly finished outfits were worn at some point in the day and looked great. Needless to say it was, as always, quite exhausting by the end (glad I have a day off today!) but the feedback from visitors was great and they really enjoyed the experience.

We tried a new layout of the Hayloft this time which seemed to work well, with a waiting/viewing area; it was less chaotic and we weren’t standing on top of each other like has happened in the past. One other new thing we tried out was having a volunteer take photos so hopefully we will have a gallery of photos from this summer to include here at some point soon.

Summer preparations

Still trying to make more clothes in time for the summer costume days. The loose gown with loose kirtle and tied-in puffy sleeves is finished after fighting the hems into submission – they looked fine initially but turned out to be about a foot longer at the sides than necessary!


A yeoman farmer’s coat has just been finished, copied from a picture in Herbert Norris’s book about Tudor costume and fashions. We’ve tried bashing an old felt cowboy hat out of shape to get a similar felt hat to the one in the book, it almost looks right…


There are two dresses for girls aged about 12 coming along too, so we should have a variety of new things for visitors to wear in a couple of weeks.

Embroidered nightcap pt.8. – nearly there!

We now have 5 of the 6 panels sewn together! The sixth, the tulip one, is nearly done, just awaiting a blue butterfly and some more sequins and beads before being joined to the others. The last piece of the headband is almost done too.




In the meantime, we’ve discovered we’re about 8 strawberry flower petals short and there isn’t any thread the right colour left! Hopefully, there will be enough to cobble something together from the leftover scrap ends (fingers crossed!)