Summer is coming!

Juliana EriseyThis week we’ve been carrying on making clothes ready for the summer holiday costume days. We’ve been having a go at some items for older girls. We’ve got a green front-lacing kirtle that’s coming along, which might need something else with it to make it more interesting to wear – it must be possible to get visitors to wear more than just the posh clothes?! Having said that, slightly giving into the posh factor, we’ve also started on a red dress that will have a decorated forepart on its petticoat and fancy sleeves. We appear to have a never ending supply of old red velvet curtains, and though the donations are very much appreciated, it does sometimes seem as if we have an awful lot of red! I really fancy making a grey dress…just for a change!

We’ve also been working on the outfit inspired the Juliana Erisey brass, which is similar to the Mary Bevill costume but taller. The headwear is done, the loose kirtle is nearly done, and the gown is coming along, and now trying to work out how to make some some long puffy sleeves that can be worn by people of various arm sizes (it seems to be one of those things that would be easier to make for a specific person). One arm down, one to go.

Embroidered nightcap pt.7 – coming together

Today was spent assembling some more of the embroidered nightcap. We now have four out of the six panels joined together! There was also a lot of strawberry petal making, as the realisation dawned that there still weren’t enough…




It was also the day that the tulip panel gained a bee’s bottom!


Birds and more

We’ve created some birds for a new kids trail around Trerice, from left over scraps of black material used for clothes (Tudors called the scraps cabbage). They’re supposed to be swallows, based on the Arundell coat of arms, but it proved a bit tricky to put the detail onto so we simplified them. The swallows were originally intended for the flag making we did recently, but realising the Arundell badge should be white or silver swallows on black not the other way around (of course this happened after cutting out 12 birds in black!) I had to start again. Luckily it was then suggested we create something to replace the Trusty the Hedgehog trail around the house, so the youngest visitors to the house will have something new to look for – the black birds will not be wasted. We now have a flock of 24 and some wit did mention a pie!

Been experimenting, after the trip to London, with some craft foam. Thought it might be a neat idea to make some ruffs and hats that could be tried on in the Hayloft when we don’t have the costumes out. Being made of foam, although not Tudor, it won’t matter so much if they get damaged or go missing.


We have another adult doublet finished, and an Elizabethan bonnet. Both are looking splendid.



Also been experimenting with an academic square cap made from felt with a biggin underneath to get the ear flaps, rather than making it an all-in-one hat (which at the moment is beyond me).

Almost finished an outfit for our lace-making volunteer, though she hasn’t seen it yet and still needs to be hemmed.


Embroidered nightcap pt.6

We continued the embroidered nightcap today. All the different pieces have been started and some are almost complete! After discussion the metallic thread was removed from the cornflower petals, which looks much better, and a butterfly was added to the aquilegia panel to fill a gap. The main tulip petal has been stiffened and some stamens added behind to enhance it.

Cornflower, with creepy crawlies and bling. (Might have gone over the top with the sequins and beads!?)

Aquilegia with new butterfly.

Tulip, inside and out.


Pansy, with stamens added.

Strawberry flower petals are being added to the two joined panels.

The last two sections of the headband.

There was still no wind today, but did manage to get a clear photo of most of the flags.


The flags flew… well, almost

The Medieval Village was at Trerice this weekend, and our recently made flags helped enhance the place a bit. Unfortunately there was not a drop of wind when I took photos so most of the flags aren’t shown to their full potential, but I thought they looked great anyway. A big thank you to everyone for all their hard work to make them.