A wet bank holiday Monday

As per usual because it was a bank holiday the weather decided to be miserable! It meant we had a lot of visitors though, some a little soggy around the edges. It got so busy at times that it now seems a bit of a blur, good at the time, but not so good for reporting on in a blog. Didn’t even have any time to take photos today.

Now we’ll start preparing for the marathon in the summer – every Monday from 29 July to 26 August. Hopefully the weather will improve!

London diversion

Just have to say, I saw the In Fine Style exhibition at the Queen’s Gallery in London this week, about fashion in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and it was brilliant! I think I really must have caught the costume bug because I felt like a kid in a sweet shop! It was amazing.

If you can’t make it to the exhibition on London I’m going to cheekily suggest you come along to one of our costume days instead! There’s actually quite a few similarities!

*Both have clothes for kids to try on and have photo portraits taken in a giant picture frame; although we have clothes for adults too and ours are made from real materials rather than clever foam type material.
*Both have Tudor games to play – fox and geese, nine men’s morris (although I didn’t see kayling at Buckingham Palace!)
*Both have diagrams and explanations about what people wore (although Trerice doesn’t have cool techie gadgets)
*The Gallery has fabulous portraits from the Royal Collection, we’ve got the Arundell brasses… (nobility compared to gentry, town compared to country…)
*There aren’t any clothes surviving from the 16th or 17th century displayed at Trerice but we do have fairly decent (if I say so myself) replicas and interpretations that can be touched and examined and soon(?) our embroidered nightcap and handmade lace will be on display. (I spotted embroidered snails very similar to ours, on a pair of gloves, except those were hundreds of years old – got quite excited…!)

Our next costume day is this bank holiday Monday – 27 May, 11am -4pm. Looking forward to see everyone.

Embroidered nightcap pt. 5

The first pieces of the embroidered cap have been sewn together! Here’s the first two panels and the first two pieces of the headband.

(The fact the snails on the headband leave a snail trail tickles me)

It’s taking shape at last. The lining’s been done too. The other panels are coming along.




Some of our new volunteers had a go at practising needle lace today, hope they can still remember it in a fortnight when we meet again and have a go on a panel!

Next Monday is our next Costume Day, the farthingale’s repaired again, so I think we’re good to go.

It’s all about the flags

This week we’ve taken a break from our normal costume making and branched out into flag and banner making. No, we haven’t gone completely bonkers (!!), it was a request for help from Visitor Services getting ready for the arrival of the Medieval Village reenactment on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June. (I hope we’ll be able to do all the repairs and things in time for the next Costume Day on 27 May too, but could be a push).

We’ve copied the styles of oriflammes, pennants and various other flags and banners, and created our own emblems and designs to go on them – a bit of poetic license has been used. The plan is to give a bit of medieval flamboyance to Trerice for that weekend, as a whole, not just the Parade Ground where the tented village will be. Hope it works!

Photos to follow as its still a work in progress.

Will we really all be wearing ruffs by Christmas?

There was an article in yesterday’s Daily Telegraph that caught my eye, entitled ‘How to tell your farthingales from a kirtle’. Apparently aspects of 16th century Elizabethan fashion are ‘the next big thing’ and being worn on the catwalk of designers like Alexander McQueen. Ruffs will be a feature of the autumn/winter 2013 season (?!) Perhaps we’ll have a little sideline to our ongoing project? Anyway, thought it amusing and had to share…

Bank Holiday verdict

It was quieter than usual, but not surprising since we had gorgeous weather. I expect everyone headed to the beach. There seemed to be few children around today, mostly adults and teenagers. It was nice though not being so manic and chaotic. We even had an impromptu Tudor dance lesson in a quiet moment.

The new layout seemed to go ok – will have to get feedback from the other volunteers.

We had some great comments again from visitors.