Here it comes … the first May Bank Holiday Costume Day

Our next costume day is TOMORROW! We’re still working on new items of clothing but there will be some new hats to try on.

(Our latest hood copied from the brasses)

We might even have a different organisational layout to ease the usual chaos.

Hope the weather holds up, though not too hot or those of us in costume all day will bake in the Hayloft!

Bling – Elizabethan style



Aquilegia (The caterpillar was hungry and has fattened up since his last photo shoot!)

And still a work in progress:


(There’s also a Pansy and other Strawberry sections underway)

Four of the panels are pretty much finished! They’ve been infested with insects and animals, then blinged with beads and sequins, similar to late 16th and 17th century embroidery. The 17th century stumpwork at Trerice has various insects and creatures in the background as well as small pieces of mica, beads and spangles (sequins).

The strawberries and strawberry flowers on the edges will be completed after the hat is assembled because they overlap the seams. We also had complications with getting additional thread for the strawberry petals, so we’ll need to mix and match the shades of pink later on.

Just for fun!




Decided to have a laugh today with a hairdressing model head, the new lace ruff and a Marian-style hood – the bizarre things we get up to!
More seriously though we are considering a way of displaying the lace ruff in Trerice, possibly with a head of some kind, and it was useful to see how the hood works on a ‘proper’ head.

Creepy crawlies




We’ve been continuing with the embroidered nightcap and have started embellishing panels with stumpwork insects. So far there’s a bee, a ladybird, a butterfly, a spider, two caterpillars and a snail. There’s also a snail and a hedgehog on part of the headband (not shown). So it’s coming on…

The lace ruff project is finally complete and looks fabulous! 5 metres of lace took one volunteer about 200 hours to make, and another made it into the ruff which took a further 12 hours. Thanks to both for their hard work!


April Fool’s Day

So the first costume day of 2013 has passed. It must have been the busiest day on record at Trerice with 867 visitors. At least 115 of those tried on a costume (there were times when we lost count!) The wardrobes did a sterling job, far better than weak collapsing clothes rails.

The Hayloft all set for Costume Day this week

The Hayloft in 2011 – a little bit different!

We had several tiny kids who looked rather cute in mini Tudor costume. There was even one Dad who insisted on wearing a ladies’ costume so we put him in the brown dress with farthingale!

Some of our volunteer helpers with our very own jester – yes, we found someone to wear the costume all day! Thank you to everyone for their help on such a busy day.