First costume day of 2013 approaches!

The first costume day of the new season fast approaches, and it is now down to the final touches of getting things ready.

We are rather (over-)excited to have NEW wardrobes – 2 more have joined the one from last year. It means we don’t have to cart heavy boxes over on each occasion and it all looks a lot prettier than plastic storage boxes! A very big thank you to our handy man volunteer!

There are some new clothes ready for the new season too, so if anyone has been before they might find something different to try on. Just need to take some decent photos now…

We also have some new volunteers who have joined the Costume Group and hopefully we haven’t scared them off yet! Two of them are husband and wife, so we might even have our very own Tudor tailor to join the seamstresses.

So come along on Monday if you’re in Pastyland and see what we’ve been up to over the winter, we’d be happy to see you. We’ve even got one volunteer who’s promised to wear the Jester’s outfit because it April Fool’s Day!

The embroidered nightcap continues

The embroidered nightcap is coming along nicely, mostly thanks to the volunteer who is patiently instructing us and I think making it appear easier than it actually is! Just reading the instructions gets me confused but being shown the techniques makes it a bit simpler. There will be six side panels and a headband around the bottom.




The photos show the aquilegia panel, part of the headband with strawberries, the primrose panel and the foxglove panel.

Also, newly finished is a black worked ruff with a repeated clover design



The hat is finished! At last! After several months of umming and erring. I found the best plan was to keep it simple, so forgot about the lining and just covered the exposed edge with ribbon.




Not really sure what it is though – a snood? a caul? a balzo? Seems to be an amalgamation of all of them.

Got a bit carried away and made something similar for the new red gown with puff sleeves. This one was made with a padded ring as the base and the middle filled in. Think I prefer the blue one because this one reminds me of a pavlova.