Ghostly Arundell sightings on Halloween

To get into the spirit of Halloween, with the autumnal decoration in the hall and guess the weight of the pumpkin, we cheekily added a few headless figures of our own to add a bit of spookiness to the gloomy day. Sir John Arundell was sighted in the Great Chamber in a state of undress, a nameless gent was seen in the alcove of the Long Gallery, Katherine Cosworth was seen disappearing upstairs and Mary Arundell was lurking in the Court Chamber.




Not sure if they took anyone by surprise, but it was their last outing before being packed away in boxes for the winter!


I’m having a go at making a pair of trunkhose for an adult, based on an old pair of trousers from my Dad and the pattern in Tudor Tailor. It sounded really complicated before I started, but slowly it’s becoming a lot clearer. (I’ve made a pair before but don’t think I stuck to the instructions properly then.) The legs have now got padding and I’m just about to finish securing the panes, so they are beginning to look something like it. A matching doublet is underway as well so hopefully will have a suit of clothes at the end and be able to find someone willing to try it on.

Padding added to the hose
A pair of legs
20121002-181106.jpg Something like the finished suit