New garments for volunteers

The costume group meets once or twice a week, generally on mondays and wednesdays and I think we have been quite productive this week. We plan to make costumes for volunteers at Trerice who haven’t worn them on previous occasions and have not got their own already made; some of these items will also be added to the collection available for visitors to try on.

On Monday we cut out a woman’s loose gown in a lovely shade of blue wool with pale green linen for the lining and a man’s doublet in a tomato red wool and grey linen for the lining, as well as a shirt and smock in linen. These will be completed with a green loose kirtle for the lady’s outfit and brown Venetian hose for the man; the next step will be to create patterns for them.

Cut out a mock up of the loose kirtle today from an old duvet cover, which had to be enlarged from the original pattern – which I guesstimated and luckily turned out to be about the right fit. What a fluke! Hope it will be ok as the finished garment; might have to double check next week. Thanks to our willing volunteer who acted as guinea pig for trying it on.


Costume day, Sunday April 15th

We had a brilliant day at Trerice on Sunday getting visitors to dress up. Everyone looked great. Now it’s back to the modern day and preparing for the next costume day on 7th May.

We have started on a new outfit – a loose gown and kirtle in the style worn by Mary Bevill and Juliana Erisey in their brasses. So far it has taken the best part of a day to draw up the patterns and cut them out – step one completed!

Welcome to our new blog!

Started in November 2010, the Trerice Costume Group is recreating the clothes worn by the Arundell family of Trerice, near Newquay, Cornwall, and their household in Tudor times. The group is made up of a number of National Trust volunteers with varying sewing abilities, although we all enjoy being involved in the project.

The inspiration for the clothes we are making comes from the Arundell family brasses in Stratton Church, near Bude, and the Cosworth family brasses in Colan Church, near Newquay (their in-laws). We started the project by making costumes for children to try on when they visit Trerice, but it has become so popular, and with increasing requests from adults, that we are making them for big kids too! We hope to enable visitors of all ages to tread in the footsteps of the Arundell family and their household in the time of Elizabeth I.